About the Artist:

Sara Pisheh is a multi-faceted, Middle-Eastern designer and artist, who has always been fascinated by ethnic fabrics from her home country of Iran. Inspired from a young age by woven art and textiles, she started to gather historical, cultural, and artistic fabrics from the Middle East and has transformed them into hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind earrings. Sara appreciates the sense of liveliness which is woven into each thread of these varied and beautiful fabrics, which she then transforms through other mediums and textures into artistic and modern earrings.

Sara Pisheh Design earrings are handcrafted, using her skillful eye and knowledge of culture and art to create an artistic, wearable statement accessory.

About Fabric Jewelry:

These beautiful fabric-based earrings are handcrafted from a specific textile called Termeh (Paisley). The stylish looks to these earrings are curated through a beautiful and unique design, with nods to the Middle East and ethnic fabrics. The pattern of these traditionally inspired earrings draws from mystical Persian elements, and Middle-Eastern heritage, and would complement any outfit, acting as a chance to wear art and culture as your daily accessory.